Thursday, March 31, 2011

Out Like a Demented Goat Lamb & March's LOL Posts

At the beginning of this month I promised myself I was going to practice decorating sugar cookies with royal icing, trying out different methods. What can I say? Life got in the way as well as a two week trip to Munich. I know, the dog ate my homework, blah blah blah.... 

Unfortunately, all I was left to post on the last day of this month are these demented goat lambs, the result of my first attempt at them.

I swear, I used a lamb cookie cutter. Somehow they morphed into goat like creatures. 

My intentions were good. I covered the cookies with royal icing.

This was where I first went wrong but it's hard to do the outline and fill method on those skinny legs.

Then I covered them with a variety of beautiful white decorations.

What a waste of beautiful white decorations. I thought those decorations might save them.


Maybe the goat thing was subliminal on my part because our pet sheep, Lucy looks like a goat. 

So like Lucy, they're sheep in goat's clothing.

The backyard gang. Lucy in the middle. A real goat, Rosalie on the left.

I love Lucy. She adores bananas, behaves like a giant dog, is super cuddly and has great style. Here she is in her holiday finest:

Kind of cheap, right? Trying to distract you from my disaster cookies by dangling a cute pet in front of you.

Lucy supervising the daily egg collecting. She's our quality control inspector.

OK, guilty.

But just look at this face:


When you are done being distracted from making fun of my cookies, check out the links below. These were the food blogger posts this month that helped me keep my sense of humor amid my cookie decorating woes.

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Cake Wrecks interprets Charlie Sheen quotes through, yep, cake wrecks.

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Cookies and Cups counts sheep and explains why she's too old for bars.

Three Baking Sheets to the Wind's Angry Swan Pops

King Arthur's Test Kitchen - Baking mishaps

Anger Burger's flour packaging frustration

Sugar Vamp's most wonderful time of the year. Check out the How I Will Die illustration. It could happen to me.

I am still determined to better my cookie decorating skills. Stay tuned....


  1. OMG. Lucy! I didn't know you had a sweet little sheepgoat. She's adorable. Those pictures (and the name of your cookies) totally made my morning.

  2. You might not like how they look, but as long as they taste good they were a success, right?

  3. Ahaha, I'm glad I'm not the only one who ODs on Easter Candy! Thanks for noticing my lil' site in the vast sea of foodblogs--and now I can follow your recipes, which look simultaneously delicious and hilarious (those rice krispie skin fat treats come to mind).

    Also, you have far, far more patience than I when it comes to using royal icing--I love how you even gave them little eyes! It'll be a while before I ever post pictures of my attempts D:

  4. Who are you kidding!? Your cookies are lovely and cute! Well, for sure you're doing a much better job than I am. I won't even post my "creations" on the blog! LOL Thanks for sharing. :)


  5. I think they are cute! And you are right -- those skinny little legs are hard to get right! I think that in general, lamb cookies are some of the hardest ones to decorate! My favorites are the ones with the sparkling sugar on them.

  6. I love that you have a goat (sheepgoat!) Your cookies, while they may not have turned out as you had hoped are still a wonderful first attempt. Royal icing takes practise but the learning process is so much fun and you get to eat all your mistakes. I'm not a big fan of having to decorate cookies with appendages as sometimes they are just too thin and it's hard to not overfill the area (causing it to sink when dry) Also, packaging and shipping cookies with appendages takes extra care to prevent breakage and sometimes, despite all our efforts, a few limbs may get broken :)Keep on baking and decorating and posting your lovely cookies.

  7. This comment is nearly a year late, but in my google image search for lamb cookie cutters I clicked on your site right away because, as a sheep farmer, I think your cookies are the only shape that looks right! Most others are too squat. Lambs look like goats when they're little! And I love your pet Lucy. She is a Barbadian Black Belly sheep, right? They are gorgeous. So were your cookies.

    1. Thanks for commenting nearly a year later! Yes Lucy rocks and I believe you are spot on about her breed. I love that you are a sheep farmer. How cool...


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