Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chocolate Curacao Smoked Paprika Truffles and November's LOL Food Blogger Posts

For the chocolate truffles, I used this basic recipe from Joy of Baking

I added two tablespoons of Chocolate Curacao I brought home from a scuba diving trip to Curacao and rolled them in a mixture of cocoa powder, powdered sugar and smoked red paprika.

The smoked paprika added a little bitter bite to all the sweet chocolatelyness.

Tomorrow is World AIDS Day. Check out the macarons I made HERE to commemorate it.

On a lighter note, below are the posts that made me smile, giggle, laugh or all three this month...

Novembers' LOL Food Blogger Posts:

Lentil Breakdown explains the different between Mexicans and Americans when it comes to the Day of the Dead

Sweetest Kitchen Sleeps with a Kitchen Aid

Lentil Breakdown loses her tomatillo virginity

Blue eyed bakers' imagined conversation with Ina

Chef it yourself's Dog ate her post.

The Daily Spud goes starch trekkin'

The colors of Indian Cooking creates a teaser for her Pom dinner

La Kocinera laments making cookie dough pops.

Endless Simmer exposes the truth about the Giant Cupcake and shares Texts from Thanksgiving.


  1. WOW - your truffles have done me in. That little kick of fire with the chocolate sounds amazing! Now I'm off to read some of the funny posts you've mentioned... ;-)

  2. What an exotic truffle! I would eat many of those.

  3. paprika in chocolate! You definitely got my curiousity piqued at how it tastes!

  4. Lovely pics of your lovely truffs and macs. Thanks for the great P.R. : )

  5. Wow, the Truffles look gorgeous. First time to this beautiful place, hope to come here more often for these lovely treats. Best wishes.

  6. Those look decadent and I'm completely intrigued by the addition of paprika. Thanks for the mention, I'll have to give my pup an extra treat for her contribution.


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