Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dirndl and Lederhosen Octoberfest Cookies

One of the fun parts of Oktoberfest is shopping for and dressing up in trachten or traditional costume, (dirndl and lederhosen.) As I said in a previous post, getting the right clothing is crucial for enjoying the Oktoberfest. It doesn't hurt that a good Bavarian bride has "Hoiz vor da hüttn ham" which is Bavarian for "wood before the house"...meaning a generous bustline. Of that I have plenty, naturally.

However, they do look fake in this picture with Margaux.

People watching at the Wies'n is fun but I like dirndl watching, loving the style and personal flair each woman brings to wearing her dirndl. 

Dancing on the table with Virginia
The boots make the dirndl at a gay Oktoberfest event
Pink and Blue with Erin
For singles, flirting is a sport at the Oktoberfest. Like most women, I have had several marriage proposals over the last 11 years from drunken dudes in lederhosen.

One of the ways to tell if a woman is single is the way she ties her apron. The ties are crossed over in back and then brought round to the front. If the apron is tied on the left, the woman is single. If it's tied on the right, she is married.

These cookies were fun to make.  I used Bridget's at Bake at 350 recipe for sugar cookies. She makes the most gorgeous cookies ever. Take a minute to check out her site.  For the royal icing, head on over to University of Cookie for a tutorial. For the lederhosen, aprons and accents I made and colored my own marshmallow fondant.

Unfortunately, these never made it to Munich for the Oktoberfest. My little nieces at home gobbled them up quicker than you can say Prost!


  1. Lora
    Have I told you how magnificent your site is!!! I love it I love the creativity you have and the knowledge and the style and the fun and all the helpful tidbits I have learned! You are truly amazing (and yes still quite stacked!!!) xoMona

  2. What fun! The cookies are too cute.

  3. I've been meaning to comment on this post for ages but for some reason it kept loading funny on my laptop but got on today yay! Those cookies are incredible!!! AND I love your outfit! You look like a totally foxy Bavarian bride!! :)


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