Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lemons & Laughter - Candied Lemon Peel Hearts and LOL April Food Blog Posts

I was on a tear making lemon candied peels using this recipe from Epicurious.

Very Simple. Once you get the pith off the peels...

 boil in water a few times and then in sugar and water.

Then roll in sugar.

So easy, I got bored.

Instead of slicing the peels into strips, I started snipping them with decorative scissors.

Then I snuck a small heart cutter out of the closet.

Next time, I will try stars.

Maybe in all citrus flavors.

Now for the laughter part....

Many food bloggers do a monthly or weekly roundup of links from other bloggers pointing the way to interesting recipes, etc.  I decided to collect and share the funniest posts I read this month.

They are:

Hot Polka Dot's Ode to a Broken Spatula

Pioneer Woman's Running While Intoxicated

Vanilla Garlic's Straight, Gay and Bourbon

Take some time to read them. They're worth it.

In the meantime.  These make me happy..

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